Update :-)

Thanks Julie for the reminder..I am way overdue for an update πŸ™‚

Things have been good. I actually went to see my delivering OB this morning. Jerry and I were there for almost 2 hours. We did run into a friend, which was fun, but it was a long morning to entertain a 15 month old at the Dr’s office 😦 We received a great sonogram pic, and the heartbeat is at 184. I am so excited. It was getting a little tough waiting 2 1/2 weeks for another sonogram for me. Like everyone else, I get nervous during the first trimester. Yesterday I was officially 9 weeks, so onlyΒ 3 weeks to go and we’ll be announcing our addition to everyone πŸ™‚

So one thing that has been so interesting this time around, is this belly bump has made its way out there much quicker! I keep telling hubby that people are going to notice, but he assures me they won’t and tells me to relax. Well…the other day, a little 10 year old neighbor girl asked me if I’m having a baby. I thought maybe I misheard her and she was talking about Jerry. But I asked about it, and she said that my belly is sticking out. Isn’t that nice (sarcasm)Β πŸ™‚ So if she can tell, I’m sure others have noticed too. I’m in this weird phase of “what do I wear”? I don’t want my belly to show, so some maternity clothes are better because they are baggy and some regular clothes are better. I’ll probably end up wearing the same 2 or 3 shirts over the next three weeks, and then it won’t matter what I wear after that! Tomorrow night we are going to a swim party. Yikes. How am I going to hide this bump under a swimsuit??!!


Sonogram Day

Today we had the first sonogram for our little baby. I’m only 6 weeks along today, however, the tech was able to detect a heartbeat, which is really great! So again, we aren’t having twins this time either 😦 But we do have one healthy and happy baby toΒ cheer about!Β  I am going in again on Monday for another sonogram and then I will graduate to the ob πŸ™‚

Still Rising

So this week, I’ve been going in to have my HCG levels checked. Monday: 358, Wednesday: 597, Friday: 1200. Ideally, the number will double every 2-3 days. So I have been a bit nervous since Monday, since my week ago Friday number was 201. But today’s number is looking really good! I’ll go in on Wednesday for our first sonogram πŸ™‚ Can’t wait!


Lots of people have been asking me how I’m feeling. I don’t have many pregnancy symptoms yet. I do get really tired in the mid-afternoon, but no nausea, but I didn’t have much nausea with Jerry, so hopefully it will be another smooth pregnancy πŸ™‚ I am outgrowing my clothes fast. I’m trying to hide my baby bump for another 8 weeks, and I’m not sure how I will be able to successfully pull that off! I will have to keep wearing the same ol’ baggy clothes πŸ™‚

Tomorrow is a big day : 8:00 Acupuncture, 10:00-11:30 teaching piano, 1:00 first Kindermusik practicum class, then hopefully Jerry and I will both be napping. I know I’ll need it! I found out today that the location I applied to hold my Kindermusik classes accepted! So I will be officially teaching Kindermusik at the Waters Landing Community Center beginning June 5th.

The Moment of Truth

This morning I went in for my blood work for Beta #1, then acupuncture, then to a baby sprinkle and finally made it home at 12:30. I noticed the answer machine blinking so I hit play while getting stuff out for lunch…and sure enough..right on the answering machine was my nurse telling me that my test was positive!! Praise the Lord!! She said my Beta is 201, which she says is very good! I go in Monday for another check on my HCG level.

I’m still in disbelief, but soooo relieved too! I’ll have my levels check 3-4 times, and then in a 1 and a 1/2 to 2 weeks I’ll go in for my first sonogram πŸ™‚ That is when we will find out if I am pregnant with 1 or 2 πŸ™‚

Pregnancy Test

Okay, so I emailed my nurse today and asked if I could move my test from Monday to tomorrow. And she said yes. So I’ll be going in tomorrow at 8:15 for the pregnancy test, but I won’t find out until later that afternoon. I’m so nervous and scared about finding out. I can’t help but keep looking at how huge my belly is and think that there has to be a baby or two in there. But I’ll find out for sure tomorrow.

The Last Days

Today is Thursday, April 18th. One of two things are true today…I’m 4 weeks pregnant or I’m going to start my period soon 😦 I have no idea which one is true. I’m really hoping it is the first one. Remember the symptoms I wrote about aΒ  week ago…I was looking over my discharge instructions from the transfer, and it says that I could any of those symptoms and it wouldn’t mean anything. Tiredness, bloating, etc. all of that can occur because of what my body has gone through. I never did have the implantation bleeding that I had when I got pregnant with Jerry, but it doesn’t always happen every time. So even that is not necessarily an indicator that I’m not pregnant. I just have to wait and see if my period comes or for the pregnancy test on Monday. I hate not knowing, but I’m also scared to find out. I’m scared to find out that I’m not pregnant. I was reading some blog posts from two years ago, and the one time IVF did work for us, I had similar feelings of anxiety or fear. I just hope the next few days go by quickly.

In other news, my parents have been building outdoor stairs for us. The side of our house is a very big hill and we have renters that rent our basement. The steps that they had to walk on every day were not very sturdy, so my Dad decided to use this week to replace them. The stairs are looking amazing. And there will be a planter area for a vegetable garden. I’m sooo excited about this!! I tried to grow some vegetables on my deck last year and it didn’t work too well. But this year, I have high hopes for some yummy home grown vegetables.

Tough Stuff

So I was just checking out some dates and it looks like if I’m not pregnant then I’ll start my period between this Thursday and Saturday. I’m not sure why my pregnancy test is scheduled so far out. It isn’t supposed to be until Monday the 22nd. But I should definitely know for sure before then. I just hate this waiting period. It is much more challenging this time than I thought it would be. I mean just look at the time! It is 4:42 am. I’ve been up since 4:00. This used to happen to me all the time when we were going through things to get pregnant with Jerry. Thankfully this is my first sleepless night. I must get it from my parents. They are staying with us now and both of them mentioned how they couldn’t sleep the night before. I think our renters aren’t sleeping either…I keep hearing coughing and sneezing coming from the basement 😦

So I’ve been going through training to be a licensed Kindermusik educator. Kindermusik develops curriculum for music and movement classes for 0-7 year olds. I decided to do this since I’m around moms of children this age all the time. Seems to be a natural step for me since I have a little boy in this age range. As part of my training I have to figure out my schedule and when I will begin teaching classes. Ha…ya right! Going through IVF makes it impossible to plan long term. So I put in my answer that I would start June 5th if I’m pregnant now, but if I’m not, and I have to go through this again, I won’t be able to start until mid-late June. I just don’t think it will be a good idea for me to start teaching something new while in the middle of a cycle. Let’s just hope I am pregnant now πŸ™‚ And then I won’t have to worry about any of that.

I don’t like wishing time away….but I am looking forward to this week being over with! I am going back to teaching this week, so I’m hoping that will make it go by faster. I have a baby sprinkle to go to on Friday. Not sure if that is a good idea or not 😦 If I start my period on Thursday, I don’t know that I’ll be up for celebrating someone’s pregnancy the next day. (a baby sprinkle means that it is a small shower because it is her third child). Yesterday we went to church and it was alot harder than I thought it would be. I haven’t struggled like that since Jerry was born. I just saw several women who have little ones Jerry’s age who are already pregnant. One in particular woman who has a boy Jerry’s age is pregnant with her 7th. I know I should be happy for these people…I just wish it was that easy for us. People that can get pregnant on their own just have no idea how good they have it! I know I shouldn’t have the “woe is me” attitude and that God has a reason why he chose me to go through this, but that is one of the reasons I have a blog. To let other women who are struggling to know they aren’t alone.

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