The Last Days

Today is Thursday, April 18th. One of two things are true today…I’m 4 weeks pregnant or I’m going to start my period soon 😦 I have no idea which one is true. I’m really hoping it is the first one. Remember the symptoms I wrote about a  week ago…I was looking over my discharge instructions from the transfer, and it says that I could any of those symptoms and it wouldn’t mean anything. Tiredness, bloating, etc. all of that can occur because of what my body has gone through. I never did have the implantation bleeding that I had when I got pregnant with Jerry, but it doesn’t always happen every time. So even that is not necessarily an indicator that I’m not pregnant. I just have to wait and see if my period comes or for the pregnancy test on Monday. I hate not knowing, but I’m also scared to find out. I’m scared to find out that I’m not pregnant. I was reading some blog posts from two years ago, and the one time IVF did work for us, I had similar feelings of anxiety or fear. I just hope the next few days go by quickly.

In other news, my parents have been building outdoor stairs for us. The side of our house is a very big hill and we have renters that rent our basement. The steps that they had to walk on every day were not very sturdy, so my Dad decided to use this week to replace them. The stairs are looking amazing. And there will be a planter area for a vegetable garden. I’m sooo excited about this!! I tried to grow some vegetables on my deck last year and it didn’t work too well. But this year, I have high hopes for some yummy home grown vegetables.


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  1. Shanna Gonzalez
    Apr 18, 2013 @ 17:22:44

    Praying for you friend!


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