About Me

At 24, I had a surgery that took an ovary and left me unsure as to how difficult it would be to conceive. 6 years later I met and married my wonderful husband. After TTC for 6 months, we found out that not only did we have endometriosis against us, we had male factor as well. After 2 failed IVF cycles, we discovered that I also have a blood clotting disorder called “Anti-phospholipid syndrome”. During our 3rd IVF cycle I took blood thinning shots called Lovenox. By God’s power and help of modern medicine, we conceived a baby boy during our third cycle. On February 7th, 2012 our beautiful baby Jerry was born. After enjoying a full 9 1/2 months with this bundle of joy, we are entering the world of IVF again in hopes to add to our family of 3.

My husband is an elementary school teacher and I teach private voice lessons and piano lessons. We enjoy fixing up our house and helping others with home projects. We love movies and getting addicted to good shows on Netflix. We have two energetic dogs, Pokey and Bailey that try to steer clear of our even more energetic baby boy 🙂


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