IVF #3 Protocol

The dates for the new protocol have not yet been determined. But here is what I think they will be:

4/19  Call your primary nurse with the first day of your period 

4/27  Begin twice daily Lovenox injections

4/28 Start Ovulation Tests -Begin urine LH testing using the ovulation predictor kit in the mid morninig to early afternoon.  Call your nurse with a positive result

4/30 Positive Ovulation Test-LH Surge

 5/8       Begin Lupron (10 units) each morning (typically you will begin Lupron 9 days after your LH surge).

5/14       1Expect your period (approximate date).  Call your nurse with first day of full flow or if no period after 9 days of Lupron.  MAKE APPOINTMENT FOR LUPRON EVALUATION  (blood work and ultrasound) for day 2 or 3 of menses.**

5/15         2 or 3Lupron evaluation – Bloodwork (E2, Beta)  and ultrasound.  You be called in the afternoon with your results and given instructions regarding Gonadotropin dosing and follow-up monitoring appointment.*  You will be instructed to STOP your Lupron when you begin Gonadotropins.

5/27 Approximate date for egg retrieval.

5/30 or 6/1 Approximate date for embryo transfer.


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