Well, I’m in the dreaded 2WW (two week wait). I made an apt. for my first beta (pg test) for Monday April 22nd. Still over a week away. Yikes! In the meantime, my mind tries to interpret all these little symptoms I am having: bloated…I seriously look 3 months along…so if I’m not pregnant, then I need to start a rigorous ab workout. Light headed…my acupuncturist thinks I need more iron possibly.  Tired….I’m really taking it easy, not working, not doing any housework…but I still feel wiped out at different times throughout the day. But unfortunately I haven’t had any implantation bleeding yet. That is what I am hoping will happen very soon…but we will have to wait and see.

Still waiting….


Transfer Day (yesterday)

So sorry that this is a day late, but everything happened very quickly. My Transfer was yesterday at 1:15. I had my acupuncture before and after the transfer. They transferred 2  8 cell embyros, which is perfect! They are still watching the other three, but as of yesterday, 2 of the 3 had stopped growing.

I was on bedrest until about 1:40 today. All is good. My MOPS moms are bringing meals for us, and my parents are here to help with Jerry and keeping the house so I can relax and not move around too much 🙂

My pregnancy test will be on April 22nd. Yikes. That will be a long two weeks, but I feel really positive about this cycle. I could definitely be pregnant with twins right now. It feels so unreal…but yet very possible.

Embryo Report Day 2

I received the call today regarding our 5 embryos.

3 at 4 cells

1 at 5 cells

1 at 2 cells

All 5 are still hanging in there and 4 are still dividing. I feel pretty good about our report today.

Now here is the tricky part….I have a tentative transfer scheduled for tomorrow at 1:15. Argh…tentative! So now, should I teach my piano students in the morning or not? I know everything will work out, but I won’t know until tomorrow morning if I will be having the transfer. I’ve never been in this position before and it seems pretty tough.

I need to call and talk to Pulling Down the Moon and acupuncture and get that all squared away.

Please keep praying for 2 embryos to be transferred and attach. It is the desire of my heart to have two healthy babies from this cycle 🙂

Fertilization Report: Day 1

I only have a few minutes between students right now, so I’ll make this quick 🙂

10 eggs were retrieved, 9 mature, and 5 fertilized. This is quick a bit lower than our previous fertilization rates.


Cycle 1: 1 of 2 eggs fertilized, 1 transferred at day3

Cycle 2: 4 of 4 eggs fertilized, 2 transferred at day 3

Cycle 3: 9 or 9 eggs fertilized, 2 transferred at day 5, 1 successful baby


As you can see, this is the lowest fertilization rate 😦 But it can still work. In order to have the twins I have been praying for, we only need two to hang on until day 5. That is my prayer, that 2 or these 5 fertilized eggs, will hang on until day 5 and develop into blastocysts!

Retrieval Update

I had my egg retrieval this morning at 11:15, and they retrieved 10 eggs from my one ovary. This is really incredible, as the average for one ovary is 4. Yikes. I guess by the forth time, we are finally perfecting the cycle 🙂

Everything went smoothly. My mom was able to watch Jerry while we went in and I picked up some yummy chocolate candy before returning home 🙂 I haven’t taking a nap like I usually do, but I also have been feeling a lot less groggy. When I woke up after anesthesia, I was pretty coherent right away instead of making silly remarks that my husband would laugh at!

Tomorrow it is back to normal. I’ll stay in front of the tv today and get a full recooperation, but then tomorrow I’ll be teaching 5 1/2 hours. Might try to make it to a playdate in the morning, but that might be pushing it.

Also, last night a mom in my MOPS group brought dinner for me to eat today and it is heavenly! Thank you so much Tammy!!

Retrieval Day is Set

Whew….what a day 🙂 Today we bought a new (new to us, but used) refrigerator for our basement apartment. Everything worked out really smoothly, but instead of grocery shopping at lunchtime I went and bought a fridge and instead of fixing and eating dinner at dinner time, I helped manage the moving and install of the fridge. Like I said, it all worked out great, but just made for a crazy day. So here I am finally sitting at the computer after 10:00 PM, finally able to update you on my trigger instructions. 

I am triggering tonight. Woohoo! My dear friend, Lisa is coming to give me my Novarel shot at 11:15 PM. It is pretty late, but it is alright. I am still a bit wired from a crazy day. I go in on Wednesday at 9:45 for a 11:15 egg retrieval. Everyone is really positive about my follicle number and sizes. It is looking really good. Hoping for 10 or 11 mature eggs. Our record so far is 9 mature eggs. Double digits would be incredible since I only have one ovary. Then we just pray that God’s hand will protect our little embryos and grow them into blastocysts. 

I would say good night…but mine is far from over 🙂

Day 11 Monitoring

This morning I thought for certain I would be receiving trigger instructions; however, of the 9 follicles measured, only 2 are greater than 18. My RE wants to wait until there are three greater than 18 mm before triggering. This is actually really good. This means I will have surgery on Wednesday instead of Tuesday. This is good because my husband can not take a full day off work on Tuesday, but he can on Wednesday. Also the Adventure Academy class I teach is on Tuesday, so I will be able to teach that this week and only have a sub for the following week. Yay!! So glad this is all working out so well. 

This cycle is still going really well. I feel that since we’ve gone through this for a 4th time, our RE has really been able to perfect my dosages so we can get the best number of eggs. I’m hoping for 10 or 11. That would be great. This would definitely increase our rate of success. 

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